Like every aspect of the internet, hosting and hosting services have changed a great deal.  Hosting has gotten cheaper, faster and more reliable.  You have more choices in hosting than ever before.

Hosting services can range from free all the way up to several hundred dollars per month.  These services vary drastically when it comes to quality and the level of service you’re going to get.  For instance free services will often place ads on your website and have plenty of downtime.  The more expensive dedicated hosting servers are only necessary if you’re running a really big site, something along the lines of Huffington Post.

Most people can get away with something in the middle.  There will still be some pretty big differences in price and quality.  You want to find something that can grow with your site and that is reliable.

With more than 20 years experience working in IT and web development,  We can help you find the right hosting solution to your IT problems.