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5 Best Online Tools for Freelance Content Writers

If you want to become a freelance content writer, you need to have the right online tools. Sure, you’ve got your laptop ready, but does it have the right software and apps to help you get the job done? 

In freelance writing, you need to be wise and efficient. With this in mind, it is important to choose reliable tools that can help you work productively. The good thing is you don’t need to pay to acquire such tools. There are free but reliable freelance writing tools that you can use, such as the ones listed below:


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Doing video editing isn’t something you need to contract out: you can do it yourself with software like Movavi. It’s also really cheap if you use a new offer code to knock 30% or so off that price.

Google Docs

A freelance content writer needs a reliable word processor. With that in mind, you can use Google Docs. It is a free web-based word processing application. All you need is a Google account. Google Docs has all the essential tools and features you’ll need for writing. Plus, it automatically saves your work. You can also switch it to distraction-free mode. In case you need more advanced editing tools, you can easily choose from its wide selection of add-ons.


In freelance content writing, you need to be able to track and manage your time wisely. This is where a time-management and time tracking tool like WorkingHours comes in handy. It’s free to use and easy to install on your computer. You can also export your data as an Excel file for later use and documentation. Aside from that, the app has lots of useful features that will definitely help increase your productivity and working hours. WorkingHours is currently available for PC, iOS, and Android.


Thinking of the next content to write is often a challenge for many freelance content writers. Ideas often come and go so whenever you strike upon a good idea, better save it. Keep it somewhere safe and easy to access. If you simply write it on a piece of paper, it is likely that you may forget or lose it later. To be safe, you can use a free note-taking app like EverNote. You can install this app on your phone and your laptop. With this app, you can easily take notes and write down ideas while on the go.

Dupli Checker

One of the most important tools a freelance content writer should have is a plagiarism checker. A plagiarism checker checks your content for possible duplicates. This is a must, especially if you want to ensure that your content is 100% unique. There are free and paid options for checking content for plagiarism, but one reliable free option would be Dupli Checker. It allows up to 1000 words per search. 


When it comes to freelance content writing, it’s not only the words that count. It is also important to utilize compelling visuals in the form of images. The thing is most images available on search are copyright protected. You can’t just use them freely without the owner’s permission. You either purchase the rights to use the image or use your own photos. 

Purchasing a license to use an image isn’t cheap. Some websites offer high-quality stock images that you can use for free; Pixabay is a good example. It offers a huge database of high-quality stock images that are free for personal and commercial use. Another good alternative to Pixabay is Unsplash.

Of course, there are still lots of other free but reliable online tools that you can use for freelance content writing. It all depends on what tool best suits your needs. Rest assured, you won’t run out of options. You just need to know where to look!