Why You Should Use a VPS

A virtual private server or VPS uses virtualization applications that create partitions on real servers to create several ‘virtual’ servers.  The virtual servers have the ability to use its own operating system and other applications.  Today there are more web developers that prefer to use a VPS rather than traditional shared hosting.  Here is why you should use a VPS. If you are using GoDaddy.com for your services, make sure to do a search for coupons before you renew.

Putting Your Site on a VPS

Shared hosting services often limit the amount of space you have access to and you need more than that, a VPS offers you a better solution. Dedicated hosting can run you into several hundred dollars per month and a VPS is almost as flexible with a What Software do You Need to Run

A VPS offers you access to the server allowing you to customize to what you need.  You can set permissions, change the environment and create different accounts.  If you are comfortable playing around with the server settings then you definitely want a VPS that you can tweak to your satisfaction.  Most developers prefer that level of control.  Here is how to set up and secure your VPS.

Business Hosting

Owning a business means that you want the best hosting possible for your website and at first glance you may think that a dedicated server is what you need.  A dedicated server is expensive and can be a headache to set up.  A VPS is the ideal compromise, all the features with none of the headaches.  You can save thousands over just a year.

Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting

A VPS will give you tons of advantages over a shared hosting plan.  You can use it to host your sites along with file storage and back up.  You will find that shared hosting and a VPS have many similar features, but the VPS is far more capable of handling heavy traffic, it has better security and you get far more bang for your buck.  If you’re a web developer the customization options are endless.

If you need a cost effective solution for your hosting needs then a VPS server is your best solution.  You have better options than shared hosting when it comes to things like support, flexibility, traffic and all kinds of other system resources.  Dedicated hosting is costly, a VPS gives those same options at a much lower price.